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The Pocatello Free Clinic

Our Mission

To promote health and wellness by providing quality services, 
at no charge, to people without access to basic care.

In 1971, Pocatello Free Clinic began providing free, quality health care to the citizens of our area. The Clinic continues to be a
true community response to the needs of the people of Pocatello. Our care is provided in a non-judgmental atmosphere where we respect  the dignity of the individual patient. 

Summary of our Services

General Medicine 

Family Medicine 
Pediatrics Medicine
Adolescent Medicine 
HIV Diagnostic Counseling & Testing 

Dental Services

Routine cleanings 
Fluoride treatments 
Extractions & Fillings 
Dental exams & x-rays 


Prescription Assistance Programs

Primary care assistance
On-site dispensary 
Manufacturer Rx Assistance 
Case management